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So you are wondering about Ideaprov, I will explain in 3 sections. How it came to be, what it is, and the mission I hope to achieve.

My brain loves to think. I like to analyze the limitless possibilities, what-if scenarios, and solve whatever it is. At 5 yrs old I got in "trouble" with my Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Ginehart, because I would not color in class. I wanted to play with blocks, coloring to me was pointless (still is lol). In my mind, they offered more possibilities and flexibility than a 2D drawing. I did not want to be limited.

Fast forward to 3 months ago, and I realized that I would never be able to act on all my aspirations or curiosities.  Once again I did not want to be limited to only pursuing a few through jobs, side hustles, and hobbies. I needed the ability to think, create, and solve in all directions, in all capacities. There also had to be other people like me that had a thirst for the newly possible. If I were to find them, think with them, imagine what we could be create together?! Like-minded people with that energy, in the moment, we could solve anything! Ideaprov was born. 

But what is it really you ask? It is people getting together to compound on one another's ideas to solve an issue; all heard in real time. Co-creators and I will explore and bounce ideas around narrowing things down to create a rough solution that could work. All of those potential solves to real-life issues are completely free and open for anyone to use. 

My mission is for this to be a new judgement-free ecosystem for people to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Building upon on each other's inspirations to create a framework for a solution that everyone can be happy with. Together I think we can create a better humanity for us all. 

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