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What are ways families can experience places and travel more often?

In this episode we discussed a way to get families out of the house and experiencing more places. When children experience more places they have a wider sense of what's possible in the world. By traveling more frequently families can increase their child’s exposure to new events, learn more, and become more tolerant to others, creating better members of society.

Proposal: Create a meaningful experience for your children and your family by preparing activities ahead of time, engaging your child for their input, and always having snacks to avoid meltdowns.

  • Create goodie bags for other passengers that may include snacks, earbuds, and a small note describing the situation.

  • Know and play to your child's strengths: incorporate things that they want to do to keep them engaged.

  • Own the experience. There will be meltdowns oh, do not be shy in admitting these in the face of yourself, the child, and others. Remember you are building a better human.

Impact: The impact of traveling with your kids is enormous. The memories that are made and the things that they will see will last a lifetime. memories and experiences will make them better human beings as well as tightly bonded the family unit together for life.

Co-creator segment: Foster Family Care team. Being a foster mother or father is a difficult job. However, creating a care team that can help with routine day-to-day activities will make the job much easier. These care teams 5 - 7 other families can help pick up the kids after school, assist with homework, bring meals for dinner, and generally assist in the upbringing of children. All it takes are some open and kind hearts to schedule and coordinate.

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