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Blind Date Bias

When it comes to choosing a mate, can we decouple the biases that we might have about people’s physical traits from our personal preferences?


We often hear people who are looking for super-specific characteristics: I want somebody who is Italian or I want somebody who is super curvy, I want someone who is tall, dark and handsome, etc. While it's good to have some traits that you just naturally find attractive, it’s also important to take a step back and realize that you might not find all of them in a single person. And if you do find that person, they might be the right fit but, they also could be wrong. We need to think about how to be flexible with our preferences, and also not to be so tightly wound to them because of how they are perceived.

Today, more than ever, we have to be careful about who we idolize or who and what we perceive as beautiful. That has a huge impact on our dating life. If we are constantly comparing the people that we’re meeting at our local grocery store with these people that are plastered across TV, it's gonna be very difficult for us to find somebody that we genuinely connect with when we're constantly comparing instead of trying to find an actual relationship with a person.

Another important part of this is to bring your whole self to the table. When it comes to dating, if you try to conceal your views on certain topics, whether it's politics, society or religion and you proceed on with dating somebody sooner or later you will have to reveal them. And this is a recipe for some bad interactions.


How much are we missing out by being unwilling to break out of our comfort zone? If we expand our circle, find people that are a little bit different than us, people who will help broaden our horizons, we will be able to incorporate different points of view and different versions of beauty. Make sure to embrace those differences. This will help reduce the amount of biases and stereotypes that we've had and will also lead us to a greater number of potential mates.

Co-creator passion: Rediscovering his love for music and his need to play as well as learning new things and expanding his knowledge base in his career shift from bartending to the tech industry.

Invention of the week: Students in San Diego have created a wearable, non-invasive vitamin C sensor, to be able to apply to the skin and measure the levels of vitamin C. This patch measures the levels of vitamin C in your sweat, saliva, and tears. It's made to help register whether people are sick or could use assistance. This would be really neat as far as advanced technology, to investigate whether people might be low in particular vitamins or minerals, we could potentially use it for the upgraded technology for first responders to be able to see real life metrics as well as blood screening and early detection for illnesses.

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