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Courage in C Major

How do we get more people to not be shy and just play/sing?

Music has been known to bring people out of comas, insight love, and is the essence of life. In this episode we ideaprov how people could get out of their own way and put their musical gifts on display for everybody to enjoy.

Proposal: Create a playing experience that is helpful for your growth and development. Find people with like-minded musical interests, learn from them, and instantly become more confident about your craft.

  • Normalize music in your way of life. Listen to it, learn about it, and interact with those who are passionate about it.

  • Start off playing by yourself and work your way up. Slowly include people that you trust to listen to your music and build your confidence.

  • Tell yourself positive thoughts always and don't take yourself too seriously, music is supposed to be fun. This is why we have karaoke and alcohol after all.

  • Find your tribe. Reach out to those who like the same music that you do and ask if you can play for them. Practice thickening your skin.

Impact: The impact to the world is enormous. The world will love you for it. By showcasing your talents you increase your own self confidence while also giving a wonderful gift to the world.

Co-creator segment: Re-centering your life and feeding America Tampa Bay.

Introspection is a huge part of growth. that can mean growth in the traditional sense as well as growth by subtraction. Removing the unnecessary from your life can bring massive positive games.

Feeding America Tampa Bay is an organization to help fight hunger in the Tampa Bay area. They take donations large and small for those in need. Take a moment of your time to help those in need have a full stomach.

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