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Diploma vs Done it

Education is becoming more about who you know and what you have done versus a diploma. How do we navigate conversations with those that believe otherwise?

The speed of technology in business is increasing the need for employees to have more experience and be able to contribute faster when hired. We need to adjust the conversation regarding diploma and experience and find a happy medium for both.

Proposal: Modify the approach for the employee and the employer. The employee can focus on the values while the employer can focus on opening their perspective on candidates. Including candidates that might not normally make the cut.


- Define what success means to you and work backwards. Identifying the characteristics and traits you want your employer to have. It’s like dating.

- Be certain in the company and the values but you are seeking.


-Create mechanisms for a more well-rounded interviewing process, such as increased amount of interviewers and from multiple departments.

-Increase the focus on sourcing employees through the teams they will be working on.

-Your own employees are the best people to relay the company brand and the traits needed in the next employee

-Employees will also be able to make the best decision on team fit and creates a vested interest in the new employee doing well

-Diversify your talent pool by incorporating non-traditional locations to interact and find new talen such as universities, colleges, community groups, meetups, trade shows, Etc

Impact: By focusing on team members that are more well-rounded and have a diverse skill-set, companies can incorporate a larger and more innovative way of thinking. Diverse perspectives and life experiences will be able to contribute in unique ways while staying fresh, engaging, and productive.

Co-creator passion: Assuming good intent. By assuming good intent people will always know where you're coming from and authentically interact with you from a place of positivity and collaboration. Removing the negativity can pave the way for positive engagement and increased results.

Invention of the week: Resistbot. A service that by sending a text message they will send a letter to government officials relaying your views on certain topics. You may also text for updated information on voting, identification cards, and the election information.

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