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Group super powers

How to emphasize the creation of groups over the individual


Collective strength of multiple people is often more impactful than the individual. But, emphasizing group creation in today’s world can be challenging. So, how can we emphasize and idolize group creation instead of individual creations to promote faster change?

  • Reward systems. If we want the reward systems to focus on the good of the group, we need to reevaluate them. We need to look at the reward structure for groups that already exist and find ways to reward a group as a whole, instead of rewarding specific individuals.

  • Timeboxing collaboration. When teams work together, they are able to move faster while still keeping the accuracy. Timeboxing collaboration can help with de-siloing how people work. Oftentimes the more individuals a team has, the quicker things start to fall apart. By having team members on the same page, whether it’s by sending out a company newsletter or using different apps, might help open up communication within the team.

  • Cross collaboration. Finding ways to mix the parties within organization, on a regular basis so that communication lines stay open throughout the organization. This can help with staying on the same page, but it is important to make sure that the communication is not repetitive and that it doesn’t feel staged.

  • Assets, not liabilities. Looking at teams and organizations that you work with as assets and not liabilities, looking at them in terms of “how can they help us achieve our goals”. Understanding your community, building relationships and trust by working together, sharing values and stories, can help achieve amazing results.


In today’s world, we see a lot of people who are trending in the individual creation perspective (TikTok, YouTube, etc.). However, when we are talking about systems and the way things change, whether it’s politics, healthcare, or any other larger platforms that effect many people as a whole, it seems like it would make more sense to get more people involved and push the idea of working together for a common purpose.

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