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Passing the Skills Baton

How do we instill & bridge the skills we found valuable from generation to generation? There are some things that maybe we didn’t learn or some gaps in information that we might have missed. How do we bridge these gaps as one?

We should all try to be the light and help in any way that we can by utilizing all our skill sets. By making people be their better selves, we nurture their creativity in the right direction. 

We have to focus on the values that need the bridge, and not so much on how to bridge the values. The best way to start is by taking a look deep inside ourselves.

Humans Are Not Perfect

Usually, we hold the bad and give out the good. It is important to show our younger generations the good, bad & ugly. Let them hear from us how we handled things and how those things affected the people close to us. We can show them the ability to humanize and accept that we're not perfect. There are skill traits that we can teach the next generation. Like how to solve problems, open their mind, and how to think differently.

Transfer of Patience

Critical thinking is also vital in everything, and that entails being resilient, and patient. We need to transfer the value of patience from one generation to the next. This also means that the older generation needs to understand the power of play. We should be able to play with our kids, next-generation, or someone that we’re able to mentor. The power of play is a platform and an area where you can instill the values.

Avoid Lecturing the Younger Generation

Parents should also learn how to talk to kids instead of lecturing. It is easy to talk to them in a way that enables them to have a conversation with you, and that's one principle of communication and keeping the communication open. You need to understand when to come in and speak to them.


The older generation is powerful. And the younger generations need that knowledge. You can make a young person, listen and take heed to what you have experienced, but you also have to give dignity to the process. A verse in the Bible says, “They call them old because they know the way, and the old call them young because they're strong.” The strength of experience and the strength of vitality need each other, to make anything move.

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