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The Bilingual boost to education

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

How can school systems better integrate language to create better children?

Compared to students in other countries US students fall behind in an important cultural area; language. In speaking another language, students incorporate other cultures and customs to create a more well-rounded self.

Proposal: Depending on the age range an immersive experience for students that would be a week-long to incorporate language into their studies.

  • A one-week long experience for children that involves food, culture, music, dance and other customs representative of the language.

  • Each day there will be a new way to learn about the language.

  • Students will choose to participate in the language of their choice.

  • Teaching lessons would be centered around real life habits, such as flirting and hobbies.

  • Classes and curriculum will be broken into three categories depending on student age ranges including, low, medium and high for elementary, middle and high school respectively.

Impact: The impact of this proposal will be a more interested and engaged student population. Students will understand the cultural benefits of learning an additional language. They will also interact with each other and realize the benefits of being multilingual. Using topics that they care about and skills they can easily use quickly, there will be a higher rate of fluency. This high rate of proficiency will encourage students to use the language more and become more open-minded towards the surroundings, customs, and most importantly people of other nationalities.

Co-creator segment: Scattered solutions, an online learning platform to provide children worldwide and opportunity to learn, create and grow.

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