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Wrangling the wealth gap

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The poor are staying poor and the rich are getting richer. The wealth gap is increasing at an alarming rate. How do we close the wealth Gap? Or at least stop it from expanding?

Proposal: The 99% must change their consumer habits and increase their financial knowledge. Become more aware of the choices that you make and the group that you associate with.

  • Ask for insights and help about bettering your situation

  • Create better mechanisms, technology, and applications to find non-tech businesses to support

  • Shift your mindset and the people that you follow and interact with to those you aspire to be learn from

  • Find small manageable, consistent ways to save money

  • Educate yourself about additional passive sources of income

  • Relinquish the need to conform to the mass media, keep up with the Joneses, and live beyond your means

Impact: By educating yourself and shifting your thoughts to better your situation big businesses and the one-percenters will find it more challenging to increase their wealth. You will feel empowered to make better financial decisions, negotiate better, and slowly turn the economy into a less exploitative place.

Co-creator passion: I AM EMPATH. A cause for personal growth that empowers oneself to be empathetic and confident. A way to empower the path of others to positive change in an attempt to make the changes that the world needs to see. Don't be the crab in the barrel that brings others down, be the flashlight that leads them to prosperity.

Invention of the week: Hyperloop. A cargo and consumer transportation method currently being tested in Dallas, Texas that can reduce transportation time by 90%. Using vacuum pumps and magnets, pods of people and goods can travel up to 700 miles per hour ushering in a new method of transportation that is fast and eco-friendly.

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