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How to teach better consumer habits to our children?


Shopping is becoming easier every day, via mobile apps, delivery, suggestions, advanced marketing, geolocation, etc. So, how do we teach better consumer habits to children so that way they could be better consumers and not be consistently inundated?

  • Teach them the value of money. Help your children understand where money comes from, how it's made, how we can appreciate or depreciate it and use it as a tool to be able to get things we want and need. This can be done by parents as well as in schools. By changing the schools’ curriculum, we could help parents teach their children how to manage their money, the importance of saving and investing.

  • Teach them how to think critically. We need to teach our kids how to think past the first level of things, how to look at the second and third level. This will help them understand how the financial decisions that they're making can better impact their future in a positive way.

  • Delaying gratification (at a reasonable rate). Ask why, find the reason for when they want to either purchase things or when they want to make financial decisions. Help them unpack and understand the reasoning behind their decisions.

  • Encourage them to sit with decisions and be still in the moment. Teach them to detach from the things that they consume on a regular basis. That way they can really understand the magnitude of what they're trying to accomplish.


Managing money is something that we need to be teaching early on. Especially in times like these, where we are surrounded by consumerism. By living in society that is all about instant gratification, we can easily lose the perspective of what is really important.

Co-creator passion: Writing caregiving devotionals, taking scripture and applying it to the particular season of caregiving in our lives, whether as a family member or as a professional caregiver. Starting a podcast in January called “Caregiving is a ministry”.

Invention of the week: The idea of squatting for a better body. This is not a new idea; it's been around for a long time. But in the Western World, we've kind of evolved away from it. Squatting has some really good health benefits from increasing blood flow to increasing the synovial fluid, which is the fluid that's in our knees, elbows and joints. By doing this on a regular basis, we can actually increase our life expectancy anywhere between three and five years.

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