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Classroom Coins

How do we pay teachers more consistently, throughout the United States?


We should pay teachers more. How?

Majority of us would probably say - push more money into the school systems so that they can pay teachers more. But then how to get more money in the school systems? Well, you have to tax people more. Nobody wants the taxes to go up, so how do we balance that?

  • When it comes to increasing teacher salary, having a blanket strategy might be challenging. The approach to this has to be more catered

  • We have to pay attention to what teachers want and need. We need to include them in these conversations

  • Free up some time for teachers by removing any unnecessary topics from the curriculum that might not be used as frequently, and inputting some of the more “interesting” things with pertinent and relevant education that our children can capitalize on in the future

  • Reevaluate the way in which teachers are teaching. Look forward into the next 30-40 years and ask ourselves what we want that economy, society, community to look like and then reverse teach it back through the teachers, since they are educating the minds of the future generations

  • Create perks that would benefit teachers in the long run, alleviate some of the financial stress, set them up for a more successful life. For example, instead of trying to pay them more money out of taxpayer dollars, reduce any student loan debt by 50% over the next 10 years if you're getting a master's in education or going into the teaching field, as long as you teach for seven years


What's the equitable salary for teachers? It's very hard, when it comes to scaling, to say what specific amount is going to solve the problem for everybody across the board. Maybe our question should be- what do the teachers need in order to feel valued. Is it always money? Maybe it’s more time, so they can go and learn themselves, to stay current. Maybe it's other benefits, like better health care.

We can all probably agree that an overarching solution throughout the entire United States is not an option here. It’s going to have to be a much more catered and individual approach to individual teachers about how they are teaching and what really drives them, in order to make an impact that is going to be necessary to get a balanced and fair equitable system.

Co-creator passion: Teaching and coaching teams and organizations to better understand their systems of work and how they can improve it through small incremental adjustments. Recently focusing on “gaming the system”, a natural tendency people have to optimize for the best situation they can.

Invention of the week: The research, led by Emi Nishimura, a professor of stem cell biology at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Japan, found a new protein called Collagen 17. This is the protein that's responsible for vertically changing the way that your skin replicates-skin replicates from the inside-out, coming more from the bone towards the top of the skin versus horizontally. Because as we age, we tend to lose that dexterity and that flexibility within our skin cells. Thinking about it from an Ideaprov perspective, this could be very impactful in a lot of different areas. It would be great for the elderly, so that they can heal a little bit faster. It could be used to help burn victims, for skin grafts, for different dermatological conditions where maybe skin is having difficulty trying to grow. It could even be used to help people coming back from skin cancer.

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