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Cosplay Curious

Can we use cosplay to make people more empathetic toward one another?


With everything going on in the world today, how could we use the idea of cosplaying and dressing up to help Americans be more empathetic towards ourselves, other countries, other nationalities and ethnicities?

  • We start to tell stories of these characters. Whether that's at conferences in real life, or however we do it, to get people engaged from a mental aspect in the person's stories behind the scenes.

  • Bringing cosplay and costumes into our schools. That way, children at a young age can better develop their emotional skills in order to be able to empathize with people of different backgrounds, different races, ethnicities and cultural experience.

  • Having a live-action play or live-action documentary about stories and lives of people who have experienced negative aspects of diversity and educate others through their stories.

  • Creating some type of traveling interactive cosplay experience. Similar to Cirque du Soleil, where we would have people in cosplay travel around and potentially educate people in cities and rural communities. This way they would be able to interact and learn about other cultures.

  • During interactive cosplay, incorporate some type of games, food and language. That way people can really immerse themselves in the cultures of different people from around the world and people that they might not normally associate with.


Maybe we can use cosplay to help us understand each other more. And when we start to understand each other, there's less fear and less animosity, there's less resentment, there's less bullying and more empathy. By having more empathy, we can create less division and more inclusion.

Co-creator passion: Instructional Technology program and opening your mind to a new way of working - accepting growth mindset and a failing forward attitude.

Invention of the week: A new approach called contingency management rewards drug users with money and prizes for staying abstinent. So, this could mean improved therapy sessions, improved attendance for meetings, etc. And what happens is they're able to pick out a prize out of a fishbowl and get a reward of anything between 1 to 100 dollars, that’s then added to their debit card. That debit card allows them to buy certain things but it's also blocked from making purchases at liquor stores, ATMs, bars, clubs and similar types of arrangements, based on the merchant company codes. From an Ideaprov perspective, this could be huge just for creating some better humans. It's already been working for the VA and there have been over 5,000 veterans that have followed the program and have been abstinent for years.

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