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Office Pawlotics

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Animals have been known to give people longer lives and improve the quality of life. With so much of our lives being devoted to work how can we incorporate pets into the work environment without being disruptive or losing productivity?

Proposal: Create a pet corner of the office that is secluded and conducive for animals. There would be space to play and reasonable accommodations for food and water. Animals can coexist in the office but not roaming free.

  • Application process to bring your pet. Including questions about type of animal, breed, aggressiveness and other important insights.

  • Area would be bookable for individuals and teams to hold meetings in for team building.

  • Also create a pet network for people to let others know of their pets. This can be helpful for pet-sitting, asking questions, and overall company culture of positive connections among team members.

  • Include a company volunteer day to animal causes

  • A yappy hour where people bring their pets for after work for a good time, full of food and drinks.

Co-creator segment: Be kind. Especially in these times focusing on the good in people and assuming the positive intent can go a long in preserving the peace. Focusing on your interactions with people and being kind can change what is going on in a person’s day.

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