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Plastic Potential

How do we turn the retrieval and disposal of plastic into a lucrative business, in order to alleviate the plastic that's polluting our oceans, our rivers, our streams, our landfills?


Why don’t people recycle? Two things come to mind- they are either too lazy or they don't see the benefit.

The initial thought with this is that we're really going to have to focus on a way that we can get everybody involved and try to make it as easy as possible.

Second thing is to create some form of monetary incentive. Because those types of incentives seem to be most attractive to a capitalistic society.

  • Using your “recycling fund” to pay for your parging fees

  • Using your “recycling fund” to get a gift card to AAA

  • Using your “recycling fund “ to pay a part of your waste bill

  • Involving corporations by paying less taxes if they retrieve some of their “own” plastic

  • Include people in some sort of a cleaning competition in order to receive an amazing prize

  • Create a mechanism that collects plastic in order to receive grant money

Co-creator passion: Connecting people and connecting concepts, through visuals. To show people the power of visual working and thinking, and then help them act in order to activate that ability in their own work.

Invention of the week: JUMP method. A new mathematical method for teaching math in which children are taught from a more experiential type of platform. Going from concrete to abstract is usually where pitfalls occur with students, and also kind of divides the class. So by learning in an all-inclusive environment, where they use real life problems, they're able to solve things and prevent students from turning into “I'm not a math person” when they get older.

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