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Poisonous Politics

How To Build A Political System That Is Free From Corruption

With a lot of money and too many political interests in our political system, building a political system that is free from corruption can only be possible through the following measures:

Creating additional elective positions

-This will increase the number of leaders who will be able to make decisions and pass laws without being blindfolded and distorted by the ‘mighty dollar’ in their way of governance.

-Creating additional positions will lead to the ratification of various people in power thereby reducing cases of law manipulation and nepotism.

Introducing mandatory voting exercise

-A mandatory voting system can bring a lot of engagement. People will consider politics as an obligation and a duty rather than away of reaping benefits.

-It also gives people the responsibility and a chance to make their voice be heard and take part in decision making and not just be guided.

Practicing empathy

-To build a political system that is free from corruption, we need to change our own minds, be open-minded and practice empathy rather than sympathy.

-Empathy makes us willing to have conversations that touch on corruption and be able to do away with some of the bad habits that we have developed.

-Practicing empathy can therefore create an equal playing field without a sense of sympathy, where everyone can have a balanced political system free from corruption.

Decoupling of laws

-Decoupling the law to allow more political parties can help create a political system that is free from corruption.

-Having more political parties creates a check and balance to the government thereby increasing the accountability.

-This will also give the people an opportunity to give their opinions and hold their government officials accountable.

Getting more political involvement

-Increased civic and political involvement would help create a space where people get to talk with politicians and leaders.

-It creates the opportunity for people to come together and make decisions that bring out best values in leaders.


-Lobbyists can help create a political system free from corruption by interjecting their thoughts, feelings, financial capital, their network and resources and be able to shift the mindset of some of the individuals who might attempt to be corrupt.

-Encouraging more people to be lobbyists can help make a change, get people involved and hold people accountable in times of corruption.

-The above measures can help build a political system that is free from corruption when properly used.

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